Retrieve the list of appointments of a center

This API retrieves the list of all appointments of the specified center between the start date and end date.

You must provide appropriate details for the center_id, start_date, and end_date parameters. Optionally, you can also specify the details for the include_no_show_cancel and therapist_id parameters to filter the results.

The difference between the start_date and end_date cannot be more than seven days.
The response also includes block-out times.

Response Details

appointment_idguidUnique identifier of the appointment.
appointment_segment_idguidUnique identifier of the appointment segment.
appointment_group_idguidUnique identifier of the appointment group.
invoice_idguidUnique identifier of the invoice.
serviceobjectObject that contains details of the appointment service.
service.idguidUnique identifier of the service.
service.namestringName of the service.
service.is_addonbooleanIndicates whether a service is a add-on.
service.has_addonsbooleanIndicates whether a service contains an add-on.
service.parent_appointment_idguidUnique identifier of the parent appointment.
service.business_unitobjectObject that contains details of the service business unit.
service.business_unit.guidguidUnique identifier of the business unit.
service.business_unit.namestringName of the business unit.
service.business_unit.idlongUnique key given to the business unit.
service.categoryobjectObject that contains details of the service category.
service.category.idguidUnique identifier of the category.
service.category.namestringName of the category.
service.sub_categoryobjectObject that contains details of the service sub category.
service.sub_category.idguidUnique identifier of the sub category.
service.sub_category.namestringName of the sub category.
service.override_product_consumptionbooleanAllows product consumption entry in Appointment Book.
service.override_default_product_consumptionbooleanAllows to over-ride automatic product consumption in Appointment Book.
start_timedatetimeStart time of the appointment in center time zone.
start_time_utcdatetimeStart time of the appointment in UTC format.
end_timedatetimeEnd time of the appointment in center time zone.
end_time_utcdatetimeEnd time of the appointment in UTC format.
statusenumIndicates the status of the appointment: NoShow = -2, Cancelled = -1, New = 0, Closed = 1, Checkin = 2, Confirm = 4, Break = 10, NotSpecified = 11, Available = 20, and Voided = 21.
sourceenumIndicates the source of the appointment: Website = 0, Webstore = 1, MobileApp = 2, Take5App = 3, MobilePos = 4.
progressenumIndicates the progress of the appointment: NotStarted = 0, Started = 1, Completed = 2 .
lockedbooleanIndicates whether the appointment is locked.
invoice_lockedbooleanIndicates whether an invoice is locked.
has_active_membership_for_auto_paybooleanIndicates whether an appointment has memberships for auto pay.
guestobjectObject that contains details of the guest.
guest.idguidUnique 32-character identifier of the guest.
guest.first_namestringFirst name of the guest.
guest.last_namestringLast name of the guest.
guest.genderenumGender of the guest: NotSpecified = -1, Male = 1, Female = 0, Other = 3.
guest.mobileobjectObject that contains mobile details of the guest. identifier of the country code for the guest's mobile number. number of the guest. mobile number of the guest.
guest.emailstringEmail ID of the guest.
guest.indicatorstringRepresents guest indicators.
guest.lp_tier_infostringLoyalty points tier information of the guest.
therapistobjectObject that contains details of the therapist.
therapist.idguidUnique identifier of the therapist.
therapist.first_namestringFirst name of the therapist.
therapist.last_namestringLast name of the therapist.
therapist.nick_namestringNick name of the therapist.
therapist.display_namestringDisplay name of the therapist.
therapist.emailstringEmail ID of the therapist.
therapist.genderenumGender of the therapist: NotSpecified = -1, Male = 1, Female = 0, Other = 3.
therapist.vanity_image_urlstringImage URL of the therapist.
roomobjectObject that contains details of the room used in the appointment.
equipmentobjectObject that contains details of the equipment used in the appointment.
service_custom_data_indicatorstringIndicator of the service custom data.
notesstringNotes added for the appointment.
priceobjectObject that contains pricing details of the appointment.
actual_start_timedatetimeActual start time of the appointment.
actual_completed_timedatetimeActual completion time of the appointment.
checkin_timedatetimeCheck-in time of the guest.
therapist_preference_typeenumRequested gender type of the therapist: Any = 0, Male = 1, Female = 2, Specific = 3, ThirdGender = 4, Multiple = 5, NotSpecified = -1.
form_idguidUnique identifier of the form.
blockoutobjectObject that contains block out time details.
creation_datedatetimeCreation date of the appointment in center time zone.
creation_date_utcdatetimeCreation date of the appointment in UTC format.
created_by_idguidUnique identifier of the employee who created the appointment.
closed_by_idguidUnique identifier of the employee who closed the appointment.
show_in_calenderintIf 1, the appointment is shown in the calendar.
available_therapistsarrayList of therapist objects.
available_roomsarrayList of room objects.
available_timesarrayList of available times.
selected_therapist_idguidUnique identifier of the selected therapist.
selected_room_idguidUnique identifier of the selected room.
selected_timedatetimePreferred appointment time.
requested_alternativeenumRequested alternative options: Therapist = 1, Room = 2, Time = 3.
group_invoice_idguidUnique identifier of the group invoice.
ErrorobjectObject that contains error message and error code details.
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