Create a guest note

This API helps you to create a note for the guest.

You must specify the unique identifier of the guest as guest_id in the API request.

Response Details

idguidUnique 32-character identifier of the guest note.
is_privatebooleanIndicates whether the note is private.
alertbooleanIndicates whether the guest note alert is active.
note_typeenumType of the guest note: Unknown - 0, Generic - 2, Checkin - 3, Booking - 4, Payment - 8, Profile - 10
notesstringMessage inside the note.
centerobjectObject that contains the details of the center.
added_byobjectObject that contains the added by details.
created_datedatetimeDate on which the note was created.
is_post_to_pmsbooleanIndicates whether the chkPostToPms check box has been selected.
post_to_pms_response_messagestringError message for ChkPostToPMS.
entity_pkintEntity For which the notes is added.
entity_namestringEntity Name For which the note is added.
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